Orka Silicone Lids - Set of Three

Orka Silicone Lids

Orka Silicone lids designed to prevent splattered dishes in the microwave, stove, or oven and fit any size dish perfectly. The multiple size lids keep all your dishes covered and splatter free. Create an air tight seal for storing in the refrigerator or use these Orka silicone lids in the microwave or oven as each lid is heat resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. These dishwasher safe silicone lids can also serve as an oven pad and include a built in handle to make removal a simple snap.

The set of three lids by Orka are available in 6 inch, 8 ½ inch, and 10 inch diameters.
Each Translucent silicone lid can fit on multiple size containers, sauce or frying pans with multiple suction rings.

  • Item #: MAS-A94402
  • Manufacturer: Mastrad, Inc

Orka Silicone Lids - Set of Three

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